Edamame Hummus

Edamame Hummus
1 hr
12 Servings


whole heads of roasted garlic
olive oil
3 pkg
frozen, shelled Edamame, defrosted (16 oz. packages)
8 oz
cream cheese
3 Tbsp
sea salt
2 Tbsp
white or black pepper
pita bread (one per person)
parmesan cheese
Prep Time:
1 hr
Total Time:
1 hr


Edamame Hummus:

Preheat oven to 400° F. Peel away the outer layers of the garlic bulb skin, leaving the skins of the individual cloves intact. Using a knife, cut off ¼" to ½" of the top of each bulb of garlic, exposing the individual cloves. Place the garlic heads in a baking pan; muffin pans work well for this purpose. Drizzle a couple of teaspoons of olive oil over each bulb using your fingers to make sure the garlic bulb is well coated. Cover with aluminum foil. Bake at 400 degrees or 35 to 40 minutes, or until the cloves feel soft when pressed. Remove the pan from the oven and let contents cool to room temperature. Add edamame, roasted garlic and oil into a food processor along with cream cheese, salt and pepper. Puree until smooth. Serve with your favorite vegetables, crackers or homemade pita chips.

Pita Chips:

Brush the pita bread with olive oil and season with salt. Cut into 4 to 6 pieces and place on baking sheet. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake at 350° F for 7 minutes or desired crispness.  Serve with Edamame Hummus or any other cheese spread.

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