Mother's Day Crepes

Mothers Day Crepes
30 min
12 crepes


large eggs
1 cup
all-purpose flour
1 1/4 cup
1/4 tsp
2 Tbsp
butter (melted)
1 tsp
1 tsp
cooking spray
1 qt
strawberries (sliced)
2 pt
blueberries (rinsed)
(13 oz.) jar Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread
Prep Time:
30 min
Total Time:
30 min


To make the batter, place eggs, flour, milk, salt, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla in a blender and mix for 30 seconds until smooth; set aside. For the filling, slice the strawberries and combine the blueberries in a bowl and set aside. Heat a 9" non-stick pan on medium heat and coat lightly with cooking spray. Ladle a small amount (¼ cup or 2 oz.) of the batter into the pan and then immediately tilt and swirl so the bottom is coated evenly with a thin layer of batter. Cook the crepe for about one minute, until the bottom is light brown. Loosen with a spatula, turn over and cook the other side for another minute. Stack finished crepes on a plate and continue until all batter is gone. To assemble the crepes, spread about 1 tablespoon of Nutella on the crepe, add approximately 1/3 cup of fruit mixture, then roll up like a burrito and serve.

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Chef Ryan Covert