Marinated Stir Fry Pork with Vegetables

30 min
3 servings


1 lb
pork (thinly sliced)
onion (julienne sliced)
carrot (julienne sliced)
stalks green onion (cut into 1.5" lengths)
yellow squash (julienne sliced)
1/2 cup
green bell pepper (julienne sliced)
1/2 cup
3 Tbsp
3 Tbsp
Korean chili flakes (coarse)
1 tsp
ground black pepper
3 Tbsp
sesame seed oil
6 clove
garlic (thinly sliced)
2" pieces
ginger (julienne sliced)
salad oil
Prep Time:
20 min
Cooking Time:
10 min
Total Time:
30 min


Place the pork, onion, carrot, green onion, squash and bell pepper into a bowl and mix well.

In a small bowl, combine the shoyu, honey, chili pepper flakes, black pepper, sesame seed oil, garlic and ginger and mix well. Pour the marinade over the pork and vegetable mixture and mix well to ensure all of the ingredients are covered. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to a few hours, until ready to cook. 

Remove the pork and veggie mixture from the fridge. Add a little salad oil to a skillet or sauté pan over high heat, then add the marinated ingredients and stir fry for 5 minutes until pork is cooked through. If recipe is doubled, stir fry for 10 minutes.

Chef’s Note: This is a favorite to cook in a skillet or sauté pan on a gas or charcoal grill while camping. In modern times, this cooked mixture is also served in a buttered and grilled hamburger or hot dog bun as a sandwich or used as a filling rolled in rice and nori sheets to make a style of Korean Sushi Roll (kimbap). 

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