Living in Paradise

November 2016

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People Living in Paradise - November 2 of 4


• Hawaii Science & Technology Museum
• KTA Super Stores Specials: Meadow Gold Buttermilk, Egg Nog, Half
& Half, Ice Cream, Sherbet, Whipping, Topping, Sour Cream
• Surf Tip: Teach at the Beach
• Kau Kau Inside: California Won Ton
• KTA Super Stores Specials: 1916 Mahimahi Fillets, Breading & Batter
Mix, Panko, Tempura Batter Mix, El Monterey Burritos, Taquitos,
• Hilo Intermediate School: Unity Day
• KTA Super Stores Specials: Galbani Cheese
• Hilo Intermediate School Spartanfest

(Advertised prices expire November 30, 2016)