Living in Paradise

May 2016

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KTA's Living in Paradise - May 1 of 4

• Waiakea Elementary School - Ms. Shigenaga's 3rd Grade Class
• Traffic Safety Tip - Drive with Aloha
• KTA Super Stores Specials: Meadow Gold or Tropicana
• Craft Rocks with Waiakea Elementary School - Mother's Day Card
• KTA Super Stores Specials: Myojo, Welpac, JFC or Pacifico Sataimo Taro
• Surf Tip - Youth Leaders
• KTA Super Stores Specials: Lifeway, Greek Gods or Coconut Dream
• Lori Lei Hula Studio - 25 years of teaching hula on Hawaii Island

(Advertised prices expire May 31, 2016)