Living in Paradise

June 2017

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• Waiakeawaena Elementary School - Mrs. Hakoda's 1st Grade Class
• Hawaiian Telcom Selfies
• KTA Super Stores Specials: Hormel Bacon, Ham Patties, Sliced
Pepperoni or Natural Choice
• Craft Rocks: Waiakeawaena Elementary School - Father's Day Card
• KTA Super Stores Specials: Good Humor Desserts, Fat Boy Ice
Cream Sandwiches, Red Baron Singles Pizza, Golden Coin Manapua,
Klondike Ice Cream Bars, Okahara Saimin, Orientex Lumpia
Wrappers, or Magnum Caramel Ice Cream
• Let's Play Soccer
• KTA Super Stores Specials: Crystal Farms Cheese

(Advertised prices expire June 30, 2017)