Living in Paradise

April 2018

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Seniors Living in Paradise - April 2018


• George Yoshida's Kitchen: Baked Tofu
• Office of Aging: Older Americans Luncheon
• George Yoshida's Kitchen: Chicken Stew/ Pizza
• Waiakea Lions Chuckwagon Breakfast
• Hilo High School Foundation Recognition Dinner
• George Yoshida's Kitchen: Hamburger Patties/ Won Ton
• Hawaii Family Health Clinic: Dr. Michelle Mitchell, MD
• George Yoshida's Kitchen: Sampling
• Keiki Steps: Free Parents Participation
• US Too: Prostate Cancer Support Group
• Senior Grinds: Restaurant Kenichi
• Hawaii State Senate: Moment of Contemplation
• WEBCO: Annual Buying Event
• Hawaii Physician Assistant Program
• Behind George Yoshida's Camera: Thank You Viewers
• Hawaii Telcom Selfies
• George Yoshida's Kitchen: Japanese Hamburger

(Featured Specials good until April 30, 2018)