Kona Braised Boneless Short-Rib with Ancho Chili Sauce

Kona Braised Boneless Short-Rib with Ancho Chili Sauce
4 hrs 30 min
5 servings


1 cup
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
6 cup
beef stock
12 cup
Kona coffee, fresh brewed
4 to 6 oz
hydrated ancho chili
5 to 10 lb
short ribs, boneless
Prep Time:
30 min
Cooking Time:
4 hrs
Total Time:
4 hrs 30 min


To make the mirepoix, rinse, trim, and peel celery, onion and carrots.  Chop into uniform pieces and add to a pan with beef stock then season with salt and pepper to taste.

Blend together brewed coffee and ancho chili until it forms a liquid paste consistency.  Season short ribs with coffee ancho paste on all sides, then put into a shallow baking pan with bottom of pan covered with mirepoix mix.  Place into the oven to braise at 350°F for about 3.5 to 4 hours until tender then let rest until serving.

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