Refer to the store location below for a list of available positions.

KTA Super Stores -  Downtown

KTA Super Stores Downtown is presently seeking a ....

  • Courtesy Clerk (part-time)

KTA Super Stores - Puainako

KTA Super Stores Puainako is presently seeking a ....

  • Cashier (part-time)
  • Grocery Clerk (part-time)
  • Meat Department Clerk (part-time)
  • Produce Department Clerk (part-time)
  • Courtesy Clerk (part-time)

KTA Super Stores - Waimea

KTA Super Stores Waimea is presently seeking a...

  • Cashier (part-time)
  • Deli Counter Clerk (part-time)
  • Deli Cook's Helper (part-time)
  • Bakery Counter Clerk (part-time)

KTA Super Stores - Waikoloa Village

  • Cashier (part-time)
  • Courtesy Clerk (part-time)
  • Deli Counter Clerk (part-time)
  • Deli Cook (part-time)
  • Stock Clerk (part-time)
  • Custodian (part-time)
  • Pharmacy Technician (part-time, experience preferred)

KTA Super Stores - Kailua-Kona

KTA Super Stores Kailua-Kona is presently seeking a ....

  • Grocery Supervisor (full-time) Click here for position details. - Previous experience as a Grocery Supervisor required.
  • Cashier (part-time)
  • Produce Clerk (part-time)
  • Stock Clerk (part-time)

KTA Super Stores - Keauhou

KTA Super Stores Keauhou is presently seeking a...

  • Courtesy Clerk (part-time)
  • Cashier (part-time)
  • Deli Counter Clerk (part-time)
  • Bakery Counter Clerk (part-time)
  • Stock Clerk (part-time)
  • Produce Clerk (part-time)
  • Pharmacy Technician (part-time)

KTA Express - Kealakekua

KTA Express - Kealakekua is presently seeking full-time and part-time..

  • Assistant Store Director
  • Front-End Supervisors
  • POS Coordinator
  • Grocery / Non-Foods Supervisors
  • Custodian
  • Cashiers
  • Courtesy Clerks
  • Store Office Clerk
  • Produce Clerks
  • Meat Wrappers / Counter Clerks
  • Meat Cutters
  • Bakery / Deli Counter Clerks
  • Price Change Clerk
  • Stock Clerks
  • Store Warehouse Receiving Clerk

KTA Super Stores -  Warehouse Operations

There are presently no positions available.

KTA Administration

There are presently no positions available.

To apply for a position...

  1. Download and print an Employment Application
    (on the right).
  2. Fill in information completely.
  3. Submit your application in person at the store location you wish to work at.

NOTE: If you are unable to download the Employment Application, copies are available at each store location. 
See store's Customer Service Center for more details.